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The Hamingja Podcast

Jan 8, 2022

Eternal life! Odin’s raven doesn’t return! What it feels like being split into three! Nirvana! Slavs bragging! Climbing Yggdrasil! Don’t be Gollum! Don’t be a dragon either! I sing! I speak in eleven languages! The elves leaving Middle-Earth! Disclosure: You’re not Martin, Lisa or Stephanie!


This episode is about etmn – atman – and the Indo-European parts of the self and the ’soul’. About finding balance in life and following our true calling and living honorably to transcend death and become immortal.


The Hamingja Podcast is the renaissance of western spirituality. The place to be to explore paganism, animism and the Dharmic path in depth. For those who want to rediscover their natural spirituality.